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Nuance Interior Design, established 2010

Nuance Interior Design was founded in 2010 by the principal designer, Sarah Walker. Nuance began as small focusing exclusively on interior and exterior paint consultation services but, due to popular demand, grew rapidly to a full-service design firm. She works with clients throughout King County, greater Seattle area, and is based out of the Eastside in Issaquah. Before opening Nuance, Sarah worked at design firms in Utah and California and as a design consultant for several years. She knows that good design is in the nuances, the details, which personalize the space and make it unique.


Every project, every space, & every client is one-of-a-kind

There are several key aspects that set Nuance Interior Design apart from other, larger firms. One is the personal, hands-on involvement in the process from start to finish regardless of the size of the project. Being so involved ensures that the job gets done and that the style established in the beginning is carried through the project successfully. Nuance has loyal clients because Sarah’s designs are known to be long-lasting, environmentally-conscious, and innovative. Sarah is focused on the client and their comfort. She listens to each client and each client gets customized design recommendations that meet their needs and tastes specifically.