A couple decades back when color psychology was becoming more widely accepted, office interior design relied heavily on green to the point that it is frowned upon now to do so. The thought was it would make the employees more productive as green is associated with reliving stress, and provide a calming, tranquil environment.  Hospitals used it for similar reasons plus the belief that green can promote healing. For Fen Shui it is associated with community and family harmony.  I find it is a wonderful color for residential interior design for all these reasons but also as a way to bring some of the outside in. A good green in an area with greenery or beautiful gardens becomes a neutral background to the flower blooms and likewise inside to your interior design elements.


Light: Benjamin Moore 1562 Healing Aloe

An example of a very light, soft green, Healing Aloe is calming. It has blue and gray in it as well to make it all the more cooling and airy.





Medium: Benjamin Moore 501 Mesquite

Mesquite is an excellent medium green that can be used as a neutral. This color is a case in point of bringing the outside in but it is such a great green because it has minimal yellow in it making it a flattering backdrop for all occupants.




Dark: Benjamin Moore HC-122 Great Barrington Green

This is a rich color to use where you need a bit of drama. The best part is that this is the kind of drama you can live with – not too loud but makes an impression. Greens that have the gray undertones like Great Barrington Green are lovely and can add elegance to any setting.




Gray: Benjamin Moore HC-117 Hancock Green

Hancock Green is a much-needed update to the sage green that was over-used.  This update provides more freshness than the dried-out look of herbs but still with the all the calming benefits.




Unusual: Sherwin Williams 7059 Unusual Gray

This is not your spring green; this is gray with a green cast that adds depth to dark woods like walnut and has those silvery highlights when paired with other light grays. I did this in for a rustic interior design project with distressed copper fixtures and driftwood cabinets for a refined finish.




Favorite: Benjamin Moore 472 Aganthus Green

Aganthus Green is a favorite of mine because it is so refreshing. When you walk into this room, you take a deep breath and feel ten pounds lift off your shoulders. Great for those homes you want to make a sanctuary and a retreat but still want to appear the chic entertainer on the weekends.

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  1. Karen Mayhew says:

    Having recently painted my great room area SW Softer Tan, I so agree with your comments above about that color . . . no pink undertones, really a clean neutral. Would you offer an opinion on a good accent wall color to pair with Softer Tan ? Thank you for your info above!

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