Every clients' design needs are customized
Every project has its own process
From full-service design to sounding-board
And anything in between, contact us to make it happen


Service Options:

• Establishing clients’ design style

• Kitchen and bath design

• Furniture selection & layouts

• Customized lookbooks (catalogs)

• Contractor management

• Managing budget goals and timelines

• Creating cohesive paint color palettes

• Art consulting

• Cabinetry and built-in casework design

• Personal shopper

• Specifying fixtures: plumbing, lighting, etc.

• Material selection: fabric, flooring, countertops, etc.


Paint Consultations

Painting is the most cost-effective way to update your space. Color has incredible transformative capabilities. Paint consultations with Nuance, whether interior or exterior, will help define your style and are a great starting-point for future changes. Each customized color palette is created to reflect the clients’ tastes, lifestyle, and their new and existing elements. There will also be specific recommendations for managing elements to enhance and camouflage elements, as well as how to treat ceilings, transition points, and accent walls. Nuance provides detailed paperwork with the paint color name, brand, number, sheen, and location. At the conclusion of the visit, 4” x 4” samples of each color are provided and 8.5” x 11” are mailed within a week at no additional charge.


Why Nuance Interior Design

Whether you’re moving into or out of a new space, building a new one, or are simply ready for an update, an interior designer is there to make the transformation process easier. Nuance is a flexible design firm that gives you the option to utilize an expert to bounce ideas off of, with whom to problem-solve and provide feedback and direction. Having a professional with over a decade of hands-on experience will help you avoid costly mistakes and simplify your life. Many of our clients are busy and overwhelmed and need a designer to manage the project from start to finish based on their style, timeline, and budget. Nuance specializes in helping you define a style that is all yours and partnering with you to come up with a realistic design plan and the utilizing industry contacts to make it happen. We also believe that one of the perks of working with a designer is the “trade-only” discounts and resources. The end result is not only a more beautiful space but a more functional one.