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When to Use Venetian Blinds on Your Interior

When it comes to selecting window coverings, you have plenty of options. Home decor stores sell tons of styles, including slatted, vertical, roller, and Roman. Each type offers a unique look and provides different benefits. Many homeowners in Sammamish wonder if they should choose Venetian blinds for inside their home. Follow this guide to determine whether or not traditional slatted blinds are right for your windows. Venetian blinds have a new, updated look with Hunter Douglas. They are now updated to wider slats on a track so they don’t easily break or twist. The slats come in 11″ or 17″ widths for a sleek modern look and are referred to as sliding panels. 

Privacy Is a High-Priority

If you live on a busy street, you may be more concerned about privacy than someone who lives in a rural neighborhood. Windows provide strangers with a clear view of your home’s interior, and the only way to stop onlookers from taking a peek is by installing window coverings.

Many people prefer the added security that Venetian blinds provide. Adjustable slats make it possible to block more of the view—not only for those inside but also for those walking by your house. All you have to do is change the angle of the slats to discourage onlookers from glancing inside.

Sunlight Is a Problem

Homebuyers look for properties with large windows because natural light is the best way to boost your mood. However, at certain times of the day, too much sunlight may create an unwanted glare or overheat a room. When this is the case, wooden Venetian blinds are the best option.

Venetian blinds are a great asset in any room that faces east or west. When the sun rises or sets, rooms facing these directions receive a ton of light. However, with these blinds, you can conveniently readjust the slats to block out the majority of the sunlight. Not only will this prevent you from squinting your eyes indoors, but it will also reduce how much your air conditioner runs.

You Have Narrow Windows

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, and there is a good chance you have different sized windows throughout your home. Before you run out and buy the same window coverings for each room, you need to consider the shape of your windows. As a rule of thumb, Venetian blinds are the best choice for narrow windows.

While you may like the look of vertical blinds or Roman shades, they don’t work well in small places. Smaller windows tend to fare better with wooden Venetian blinds. It’s easy to custom create these blinds to fit in tight spots, such as bathroom windows. Be sure to consider the size of your slats, too. Smaller slats tend to look and function better on narrow windows.

Easy Maintenance Is a Must

Window coverings get dirty over time. Just like any other surface in your home, blinds are not immune from dust, dirt, or grease. Many homeowners find it’s easier to clean Venetian blinds than different types of window coverings. For this reason, it’s common to find wooden Venetian blinds in kitchens and bathrooms.

Cleaning horizontal blinds only require a damp cloth and a few spare minutes. All you need to do is wipe down the surface once a week to keep your blinds looking their best. This style even fares well in humid rooms. These blinds are very durable, and they will last you for many years with minimal maintenance.

You Prefer a Minimalist Style

Not everyone wants their home to get filled to the brim with furniture and accessories. Many homeowners prefer a more minimalistic approach to home decor. If this sounds like you, then Venetian blinds may be the perfect compromise for your window.

Just because you are a minimalist doesn’t mean you want your windows to remain uncovered. Wooden Venetian blinds look beautiful both with and without curtains, so you can decorate them as much—or as little—as you please. During the day, you can raise the blinds all the way, giving you a full view of the window. And in the evening, you can lower them to provide you with security.

You Like Bold Decor

On the other hand, you may also prefer Venetian blinds if you want to go all out with your home decor. As previously stated, slatted blinds are the perfect backdrop for big, bold curtains. You can cover your windows with opulent draperies, while still adding another level of privacy. No matter your tastes, these blinds will blend in perfectly.

You Want Options

It often surprises homeowners to learn how many options they have when they choose Venetian blinds. You’ll need to decide the size and color of the slats. Manufacturers recognize that people have different tastes, so they create wooden Venetian blinds in a wide array of hues. You can select from different natural stains to blend in with the rest of your decor. If you want a pop of color, consider opting for painted blinds in any color of the rainbow.

Get Help Picking Out the Perfect Blinds

For decades, Venetian blinds have been the gold standard in window coverings. Homeowners across Sammamish, rave about this popular style. These blinds offer unparalleled light blockage and security, while also making your windows look more pleasing to the eye. The design team at Nuance Interior Design & Blinds is ready to help you pick out the best blinds for your home. Contact us to speak with an expert about window coverings for your home.

Last update of the article: 02/21/2020.

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