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10 Ideas for Your Small Kitchen Remodeling Project

Is your tiny kitchen cramping your cooking style? Small kitchens are more common than you may realize. The massive, perfectly staged cooktops and islands you see in magazines are not typical in Bellevue. Perhaps you need more counter space for your four-course meals, or maybe you just want somewhere to store all your small appliances. Either way, there’s no reason why you should settle for a kitchen you don’t love. Even if you don’t live in a huge mansion, a kitchen remodel will ensure you make the most of the space you do have. Follow these simple (and affordable) kitchen remodel ideas to get that perfect cooking space you’ve always wanted.

1. Vertical storage

Are you running short on places to store your dishes? Many existing homes lack ample cabinet space. However, a basic kitchen remodel will ensure you have more than enough. Installing cabinets on the walls is a great way to add more storage options without taking up any more floor space. A hanging pot rack is another kitchen remodel trick to help you take advantage of vertical storage.

2. Trade the island for a cart

While kitchen islands are popular for a good reason, they’re not ideal for all spaces. If you have a narrow galley kitchen, an island will just get in the way. Instead, consider replacing your island with a movable cart. During your kitchen remodel, ask your designer to build a cart that you can move out of the way when it’s not in use.

3. Create more light

A dark, small room may feel claustrophobic. If you can’t increase the size of your kitchen, you can make it seem larger with a few kitchen remodel tricks. Installing more light fixtures will make your dreary room look bigger and brighter. Even placing a few mirrors around the space will help the room appear larger.

4. Compact appliances

Even though a side-by-side refrigerator may look fabulous in a large model home, it may not fit in your compact space. A slim-line, counter-depth refrigerator should be part of your kitchen remodel design. These refrigerators can fit in narrow spaces and will ensure you don’t lose any valuable floor space. Choose smaller appliances for your kitchen remodel. Since they take up less room, your kitchen will feel larger instantly. In addition to a narrow refrigerator, you can also purchase these compact appliances and fixtures:

  • Wall oven
  • Overhead microwave
  • Compact dishwasher
  • Single sink

5. Knock down some walls

Too many walls will make your cozy kitchen seem even smaller. Consider removing any non-load bearing walls during a kitchen remodel to transform the room into an open space. It will amaze you how much larger your entire home will feel after your kitchen remodel.

6. Large, white tiles

Dark floor tiles will make a kitchen feel cramped or claustrophobic. It may seem counterintuitive, but the larger the floor tile, the more spacious the room will appear. Large, white tiles create the optic illusion of more space. Galley kitchens, which are long and narrow, usually don’t have enough floor space to support large floor tiles. In this instance, medium-sized tiles for your kitchen remodel may be a better option.

7. Colorful backsplash

If you lack square footage, a bright tile backsplash will add color and interest to your kitchen remodel. Consider mixing tiles of different shapes and sizes to create visual interest. A skilled designer may even be able to create an eye-catching mosaic for your kitchen remodel.

8. Glass cabinet doors

Glass makes tight rooms feel more spacious. You should find a way to integrate glass into your kitchen remodel design. Glass allows light to pass through. An effective kitchen remodel should include glass-front cabinets to make the room feel more open. Adding lighting inside the cabinets will help boost this effect.

9. Smaller furniture

Your kitchen remodel design should include furniture. While large rooms can accommodate statement pieces, you need to go with compact and simple pieces for a smaller space. However, this doesn’t mean you must sacrifice an eat-in kitchen. A folding kitchen table and modular seating are the perfect compromises for your small kitchen remodel.

10. Neutral paint

The colors you paint the walls and cabinets will have a significant impact on your kitchen remodel. While dark paint colors and mahogany cabinets will make a large kitchen seem grounded, these deep, pigmented colors have the opposite effect in a small room. White cabinets and neutral wall paint are the best option for a compact kitchen remodel.

Let a leading designer plan your small kitchen remodel

It’s possible to transform a tiny kitchen into a fully functional space. Nuance Interior Design & Blinds has over 15 years of home design experience, and we can help you design and implement a kitchen remodel that will exceed your wildest expectations. We understand the needs of Bellevue residents and can handle any challenge. No matter the size of the room, we know the tricks and techniques to make a small space feel larger. Contact Nuance Interior Design & Blinds to begin brainstorming design ideas for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Last update of the article: 03/26/2020.

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