Expert Answers: Window Treatment Q&A for Your Stylish Home

Expert Answers: Window Treatment Q&A for Your Stylish Home

As a window treatment expert in Seattle-Bellevue, Washington, and your Hunter Douglas Trade partner in Western Washington, we receive numerous inquiries about window treatments. Our dedicated window treatment division is an integral part of our prestigious interior design showroom. If you’re currently exploring options for new window treatments and have an array of questions, fear not, for we are here to provide all the answers you seek. Should you not find the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Feel free to call or shoot us an email, and our team of experts will be delighted to assist you.

What is the trend in window treatments for 2023?

The trend in window treatments for 2023 focuses on the fusion of technology and design, with smart window treatments featuring automated controls and integration with smart home systems becoming increasingly popular. integrating environmentally sustainable materials into window treatments, with customers seeking eco-friendly options that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainable living. At Nuance Interior Design Showroom we plant a tree with every window treatment order.

What is the most popular window treatment today?

The most popular window treatment today is motorized shades and blinds, offering convenience and remote control operation via smartphones or smart home systems.

What is modern window treatment?

Modern window treatments feature clean lines, minimalist designs, and innovative materials that prioritize functionality, light control, and energy efficiency while complementing contemporary interior styles. At Nuance Showroom we are experienced with interior design and can partner with you for the for fit.

How do I get motorization setup when building my home?

We have all the solutions for you and can take the stress out of the process. There is a lot of work that goes into getting everything setup. You can find all the details and the process here.

How do I get motorization where my home is already built?

We have the solution for this as well. There are several options and we can determine the best setup for you. The most common is a magnetic battery that goes with your new shade. The charge lasts for about 1-year and the battery can do up to 500 charges.

What is the best window treatment to reduce heat?

The best window treatment to reduce heat is cellular shades (honeycomb shades) due to their unique honeycomb structure that provides excellent insulation and minimizes heat transfer through the windows. They work great for home interior and office buildings.

What type of blinds are in style for 2023?

In 2023, blinds with sheer fabric and metallic finishes are expected to be in style, offering a balance of privacy and light diffusion with an elegant touch.

What shades are popular in 2023?

Roman shades with soft, textured fabrics and natural materials are expected to be popular in 2023, creating a warm and inviting ambiance while providing various light-filtering options.

Are curtains in or out for 2023?

Curtains remain in style for 2023, as they offer versatility in terms of fabric, pattern, and design, allowing homeowners to create various looks to suit their preferences.

Are valances still in style for 2023?

Yes, valances are still in style for 2023, especially when combined with other window treatments like blinds or shades. They add a decorative touch and help conceal hardware while enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Are valances still in style?

Yes, valances are still in style, especially when paired with other window treatments. They add a decorative touch and help conceal hardware, contributing to an overall polished look.

What is trendy in window dressing?

Layering different window treatments, such as combining curtains with shades or blinds, is trendy in window dressing. This approach allows for various light control and privacy options while adding style and functionality.

What can I put in windows to block heat from the sun?

To block heat from the sun, consider using Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb shades, solar shades or sun-blocking fabrics in your window treatments. These materials effectively reduce glare and heat gain while maintaining a clear view to the outside.

What color blinds keep the heat out?

Blinds in lighter colors, such as white or light gray, are more effective at reflecting sunlight and keeping the interior cooler compared to darker shades, which tend to absorb more heat.

What are the best shades to keep heat out?

Hunter Douglas Duette shades have passed all the government certification for energy efficiency and are eligible of up to $1200 federal tax credit. Solar shades or roller shades with a high percentage of UV protection are great options to keep heat out. They allow you to maintain a view while blocking harmful UV rays and minimizing heat transfer.

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Are drapes out of style?

Drapes are not out of style; they remain a classic window treatment popular for their elegant and luxurious appearance, especially in formal or traditional settings.

Do you need curtains if you have blinds?

Curtains are not a necessity if you have blinds, but they can be used in combination to add style, texture, and softness to the window treatment, while also providing an additional layer of privacy and light control.

Are drapes old fashioned?

Drapes are not considered old-fashioned; their timeless appeal and versatility allow them to work well in various interior styles, including traditional and modern, depending on the chosen design and fabric.

What is a modern replacement for curtains?

 A modern replacement for curtains could be sleek and functional window treatments like roller shades or motorized blinds. Roller shades offer a minimalist and contemporary look, while motorized blinds provide convenience and automation, aligning with the trend of technology integration in window treatments.

Are pinch pleated drapes out of style?

Pinch pleated drapes can still be used in certain interior design styles, but they are generally considered more traditional and may not align with the current modern and minimalist trends. However, if they complement the overall décor and theme of the room, they can still be a stylish choice.

Which curtain length looks best?

The best curtain length depends on the specific window and the look you want to achieve. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Floor-length curtains: These curtains touch the floor and are a popular choice for a formal and elegant look.
  • Breaking curtains: These curtains slightly pool on the floor, creating a softer and more romantic appearance.
  • Floating curtains: These curtains hang just above the floor, offering a clean and tailored look suitable for modern and contemporary spaces.
  • Sill-length curtains: These curtains end at the window sill and work well for kitchen or bathroom windows.
  • Apron-length curtains: These curtains end a few inches below the window sill, providing a balanced and casual look. Top of Form

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What are the benefits of window treatments?

Window treatments provide privacy, light control, energy efficiency, UV protection, and enhance the overall interior décor aesthetics of a room.

What should be considered when selecting window treatments?

Factors to consider include the room’s purpose, light and privacy needs, interior décor, budget, and the type of window treatment that best suits your lifestyle.

What is a window treatment company?

A window treatment company is a business that specializes in selling and installing various types of window treatments, providing expertise and options to customers.

Are professional window treatments worth it?

Yes, professional window treatments are worth it as they ensure proper measurements, precise installation, and access to high-quality products, leading to better functionality and durability.

Do window treatments increase home value?

Yes, well-chosen and quality window treatments can enhance a home’s value, as they improve energy efficiency and contribute to an appealing interior.

How long should window treatments last?

The lifespan of window treatments varies depending on the material and quality. On average, they can last between 5 to 10 years or longer with proper care. The great news is Hunter Douglas has the best warranty in the industry and lasts much longer!

Should all your window treatments be the same?

While not mandatory, maintaining consistency in window treatments throughout a space can create a cohesive and visually pleasing look.

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What should be considered when selecting window treatments?

Factors such as privacy needs, light control, energy efficiency, room décor, and personal preferences should be considered when selecting window treatments.

What factors should an interior designer consider when selecting window treatments?

An interior designer should consider the client’s preferences, the overall design concept, the room’s function, natural light levels, and the desired ambiance when selecting window treatments.

What are the three basic categories of window treatments?

The three basic categories are shades (e.g., roller shades, cellular shades), blinds (e.g., wood blinds, vertical blinds), and drapes/curtains (e.g., pleated drapes, sheer curtains).

What window treatment makes a room look bigger?

Window treatments that extend beyond the window frame or those with light-colored and sheer fabrics can make a room appear larger and more spacious. Lighter fabric colors also make the room feel more spacious.

What is the most popular type of window treatment?

Motorized shades and blinds are currently among the most popular due to their convenience and modern features.

Are professional window treatments worth it?

Yes, professional window treatments are worth it as they ensure proper measurements, precise installation, and access to high-quality products, leading to better functionality and durability. It’s better to invest in high-quality window treatments instead of replacing cheap box store window treatments several times.

Why are custom shades so expensive?

Custom shades are more expensive because they are tailored to fit specific window sizes and designed to meet individual preferences, requiring specialized craftsmanship and materials. You are also getting an elevated experience with an experienced professional that will ensure your project is be done right the first time with high-quality materials that last longer.

What is the most expensive window covering?

High-end motorized shades or custom-made drapery with luxurious fabrics and intricate designs tend to be some of the most expensive window coverings.

How much should I spend on window shades?

The cost of window shades can vary based on the type, size, material, and brand. It is advisable to set a budget that aligns with your preferences and requirements before making a purchase. At Nuance interiors Design Showroom we have a solution for all budget ranges and can work with your budget to find the best solution.

How long to custom window treatments take from order to installation?

It depends on the style of shades, manufacturer, and time of year. Custom window treatments are made specifically for your window within 1/8 of an inch. A good process will have attention to detail, and it can take time. Typically, 3-5 weeks from order to installation. For drapery it can take 25+ business days from order to when delivered to installer.

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What are the best solutions for exterior shades or a patio?

Sale exterior shades are great for a patio area where you want to elevate your outdoor living space. You can learn more here.

Are there out door shade options to keep mosquitos or small bugs out?

Yes, there are some great options for outdoors screens that will keep bugs out. Give us a call!

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