When should I hire an interior designer?

We recommend hiring an interior designer before or near the same time as hiring an architect, builder, or general contractor. Our purpose is to enhance the project from both a functionality and aesthetic perspective, so the home reflects your vision so this will be the best investment you make for your home. We’re here to be your advocate through the entire process to ensure the plans work for you specifically.

We partner with the architect to make sure your home meets your needs for your lifestyle, routines, and style. While architects are experts on exterior elements, how the home sits on the lot, and room layouts, this may not consider how you will live daily and how your furnishings and cabinetry will fit. Similarly, your builder is responsible for executing the drawn plans and typically doesn’t handle the design or material selections. Our design team selects all the materials, fixtures, finishes, and furnishings for you and then conducts site visits during construction, so all installations and layouts are executed to plan.

Do you offer free consultations?

For new construction projects, we schedule a 30-minute introductory meeting in the showroom at no charge to see if we’re a good match since these relationships typically last two-three years and we are involved in all the details from end to end.

For remodels, we do charge a non-refundable fee for our initial in-home consultation since we are blocking out a specific time on our calendar and traveling to your home to assess the space, make recommendations, give solid design advice and direction, and put together a Design Fee Proposal for you. Most clients understand that this is a minimal cost compared to not calling in a professional from the beginning and potentially making costly mistakes.

Clients have thanked us for the information and guidance that they receive during our consultation, and for them, it is absolutely worth the small investment into making their home one that they can be proud of.

How do I translate my style and vision to an interior designer while also articulating my needs?

This is a vital element in each of our designs! When it comes to new builds and large renovations, it is key to accommodate your current needs and be mindful of your future needs. We lead our clients through the decision process, intently listen to your answers, study what you are passionate about, and what you need to achieve an elevated look.

We partner with artisans and trade vendors who share the same passion and attention to detail as we do. We are experts in the field of high-end design including living in place, biophilic design, and exceptional service. Our showroom offers an immersive experience with the most high-end combination of cabinetry, appliances, hardware, finish materials, plumbing and lighting fixtures in King County for additional inspiration.

What does full-service interior design mean?

Full-service means creating a turnkey design for your project, from initial concept to the final installation, foundation to furnishings. It is about letting our team handle all the details from research to selection, purchasing and coordinating to installation.

We will create floor plans, design boards, elevations, renderings, and finish samples to bring your design visions to life. You’ll get to see, feel, and interact with it all to eliminate the guesswork as to the final product of your home’s transformation. Full-service applies to a full room or group of rooms or entire home in a single installation.

Many of our clients like to work in phases, and so many of our full-service projects are done one complete room at a time. This applies even if you already own some of the pieces we will use to complete your project.

What do you mean by wellness design, biophilic, or holistic design?

Nuance Interior Design creates a home sanctuary to let you decompress and refresh. We know that well-designed spaces not only enhance the value of your home but also create a place to recharge. Our certified design team brings style and value to every detail including custom cabinetry, hardware, flooring, tile, lighting, and plumbing fixtures so you can enjoy your beautiful new space.

We design for all the senses not just the eyes, so you look and feel better starting at home. Holistic design incorporates technology and materials for increased comfort and stress reduction.

In the bathroom, integrating features such as smart mirrors, digital showers, high-tech toilets, and heated floors improves our clients’ wellbeing and quality of life. As we focus on your wellbeing, we plan environments for meditation and regeneration with natural materials such as marble, wood, and glass. Sanitation is important so we specify grout that won’t mold, mildew, or crumble, quartz countertops that are anti-microbial and humidity-sensing exhaust fans.

We intentionally work with biophilic elements to bring the outside in through enhanced views, natural light, and greenery while maintaining privacy. Many of our projects include steam and aromatherapy showers and hydrotherapy baths to soothe away stress and pain. Nuance leverages smart technology for temperature, light, humidity, and sound controls to optimize relaxation in a low-maintenance area.

In the kitchen, Nuance is known for designs that support how the client lives while maximizing efficiency. A well-designed kitchen balances the functionality of the space with the beauty of high-quality materials. Cabinetry and appliance layout, work areas, and gathering areas are all key aspects in the process. Designs streamline the cooking, baking, and preparation process with multi-functional appliances.

We partner with a variety of brands dedicated to cutting-edge technology, so food stays fresher and more nutritious, and clean-up requires less effort. Reducing stress with smart features and intuitive layout comes standard with our team of designers and vendors.

We elevate the kitchen to a delightful place to gather, optimize functionality so everything has a place. Of course, we also increase your storage where possible so things can be tucked away for entertaining or a rainy day. We incorporate energy-certified appliances and natural materials such as our formaldehyde-free cabinetry, antimicrobial countertops and hardware, and gorgeous stone tiles. We accommodate your individual needs for how you use the spaces so they can enhance your healthy lifestyle.

What is your style?

Our signature look isn’t so much a style as it is an overarching sense of tranquility, elegance, and sophistication. Each project is closely tailored to our clients, but we always strive for a cohesive, collected look blending styles, textural layers, and a balance of organic and structured.

We often infuse the spaces with natural materials and colors that embody the Pacific Northwest and you’ll find customized furnishings, cabinetry, and subtle architectural detailing to add drama to the space. We create a beautiful haven combining simplicity with luxury and understated glamor with stunning materials. We are well-versed in the needs of these spaces to ensure all the details are coordinated with the team.

Our spaces are both beautiful and accessible, a real-life combination of unique design and functionality.

Can you partner with my architect and/or contractor?

Yes, we integrate seamlessly with your architects and contractors, and these are our most successful projects! We coordinate your scope, budget, and timeline with them so everyone can clearly understand the best way to proceed.

At Nuance, we pride ourselves on our ability to partner with our clients and their architect and builder to ensure the project progresses smoothly and that the design plans are carried through as planned.

What’s the reason for bringing in an interior designer early into the construction or architectural design process?

As your advocate in this process, we want to start conveying your vision to the team as early as possible otherwise it is like making a movie without a director. With a
designer on board, you have someone managing all the decisions, how they impact each other, and how to format this information in a way the team can execute it.

For example, we’ve had an architect design rooms that didn’t work for the size bed and nightstands the clients wanted and we were able to fix that on paper rather than compromise the design later after construction. We’ve also had the experience of being brought on too late after plumbing was put in the cement foundation when the client wanted wall-mounted toilets and faucets.

An interior designer takes the overall vision with all the intricacies and orchestrates them to create the home of your dreams.

What is included in your spec book for new construction and major renovations?

Our design is completely based on how you want to utilize your space, how it can be most functional, and better reflect your personal style. We document the sheer volume and complexity of decisions involved in building a new home or large renovations during the pre-construction phase.

Nuance is focused on meeting deadlines that can otherwise cause the timeline and budget to spiral out of control. We review the floor plans, review your design intent, and collaborate with the contractors to create a design specification package with all pertinent selections and details needed for bidding and building.

Pre-Construction Specification Book:

  • Floorplans: standard and reflected ceiling (electrical),
  • Elevations: dimensioned and labeled with callouts
  • Renderings: 2D and 3D
  • Finish schedules: flooring, countertops, wall tile, grout, paint, wallcovering
  • Cabinetry: custom layout, finishes, interior storage
  • Hardware: door, cabinetry, switches, outlets
  • Appliances: installation guides, integration details for cabinetry
  • Millwork: trim, moulding, doors, windows, stairs
  • Plumbing: fixtures, layout
  • Lighting: decorative, task, cabinetry, ambient
  • Accessories: towel bars, mirrors, hooks
  • Exterior: materials, finishes, lighting

What do you mean by project management?

Nuance Interior Design offers project management, so materials are ordered, tracked, and delivered while your construction team focuses on building your dreams.

Nuance also participates in contractor meetings and site visits to answer questions, troubleshoot, and further communicate your vision with specific trades such as electricians, plumbers, and artisans. This includes:

  • Project Budgeting & Estimating for Design
  • Collaboration with Contractors, Architects & Trades People
  • Purchasing of Finish Materials, Fixtures, & Cabinetry
  • Coordination of Deliveries & Installation
  • Construction Site Visits & Reports
  • Trade Walks & GC Team Meetings

Do your cabinets have toxic chemicals in them? Can I use them on a “green” project?

All of the products in our showroom have a sustainable story to them. It is one of the very important elements of our product offering. Both our cabinet lines are unique in that they are FSC certified, formaldehyde-free, and some are even available for LEED certification. Here are some additional details that set us apart from the majority of local cabinets:

  • Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) Certification
  • FSC Chain of Custody Certification for their wood
  • Formaldehyde-free plywood and particle board boxes
  • Certified low-emitting sealer and topcoat finishes
  • CARB-2 compliant
  • NAF Plywood made with a patented soy-based resin
  • Environmentally conscious (KCMA certified) manufacturing facilities
  • LEED certified recycled and rapidly-renewable materials

Do you offer different styles of cabinets?

Nuance Interior Design Showroom provides the most gorgeous and thorough displays of custom cabinetry in Washington including six kitchen and five vanity installations. We showcase extensive offerings from high-end custom cabinetry lines, one from the USA and one from Germany.

There are so many options including traditional, modern/contemporary, and transitional designs with inset, overlay, flat panel, glass panel, and decorative doors. These doors are available in over 700 standard finishes and countless bespoke creation.

Do you have cabinet installers?

Yes, we have installers for everything we provide in our showroom especially the cabinetry. The Crystal Cabinets line is American-made, and any experienced millworker or carpenter can install those while the Bauformat Cabinet line requires a licensed and certified installer because the process is much more technical and precise as is the German way.

Will my friends and neighbors have the same furnishings?

We believe that one of the perks of working with an interior designer is the “trade-only” resources so you get access to something very exclusive and a significantly better value and quality than what is mass produced in box stores.

Our designers focus on continued education and visiting furniture markets to stay current with the latest information on trend forecasting, comfort, performance fabrics, unique furniture, and decorative resources. The result is not only a more beautiful space but a more functional one. We also partner with artisans and vintage shops for one-of-a-kind finds.

Do you offer custom furnishing options, and do I have to go fully custom?

We do offer many options that are customized to the individual needs of each client and the space we are designing. This could include upholstery, drapery, bedding, and finishes on case goods. Custom touches help give a space the uniqueness most clients desire.

Of course, not everything has to be custom. We work with a lot of trade vendors and would be happy to incorporate ready-made items into your design. Keep in mind that custom does not automatically mean expensive. Regardless of whatever route you choose, we guarantee that the finished design will be personalized to suit your lifestyle and your taste

Can you shop together with your interior designer?

That’s generally not the most efficient way to work with your interior designer. Regardless of what you might see in the HGTV design shows, hiring an interior designer provides you with two crucial things: removes the stressful burden of all the hundreds of micro-decisions involved, and creates peace of mind because you’ve hired a professional to manage it all seamlessly and effectively from the original design vision to the very last item’s installation.

Discover what our award-winning client service can do for you when you leave the shopping to Nuance Interior Design!

What are your rates?

We charge a flat fee based on the scope of work. You will know from start to finish exactly what you will invest in design fees for your home. Our clients love this peace of mind as it is much more common for interior design firms to charge an hourly rate. This allows us to work together without the stress of looking at the clock.

Do I have to have a budget?

We will walk through the process of estimating your investment based on our extensive experience with interior design. Most of our clients will know how much they want to invest but may not know what is reasonable to spend on furnishings and fees within their project scope.

We guide you through all of this with utmost transparency and design to your budget level. A useful resource for scaling a typical, whole-home design budget is “THE HOME TRUST INTERNATIONAL.“

The budget is where your project’s realistic picture begins, and we won’t start a project without one. Average investments range from $150K to $2M+, including furnishings, accessories, and design fees. Your budget is the map that shows us the right lanes to navigate in finding and delivering the best for your home.

Your home is quite possibly the biggest purchase you will ever make. Decorating your home helps to increase its value and is usually well worth the investment. Statistics show that a well-decorated home will sell faster and for top dollar. Your home is where you likely spend the most time; investing in a space that creates balance and harmony in your life is a great investment in your wellbeing. It is your home, you decide what you want to invest in, and we eagerly look forward to working within your investment range.

Do you offer discounts?

In our practice, we focus on good design and the expertise and value that we bring as design professionals to your project. Because our business model is that we provide interior design services, as well as your retailer, we do offer the best pricing possible to our clients. Our pricing model is that we will always offer products at less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) on full-service projects.

Can I buy an item myself if I find it for less money and it looks similar to what the interior design plan specified?

Interior designing is much like hiring a chef to make a five-course meal. You trust they are buying the highest quality ingredients, preparing, mixing, and cooking it all at the perfect temperatures, and will deliver exactly what you budgeted and dreamed.

We do require that all the furnishings that will be purchased for your project be done through us. That way we can manage and control all the fine details and issues that come up with the procurement phase including logistics, storage of your furnishings to final installation and styling in your home.

We work tirelessly to ensure all the many moving pieces come together at the exact right moments without sacrificing time, quality, or money. It’s tempting to do your own shopping to save money. Yet, in the end, experience has shown us it inevitably costs our clients in scale and quality mistakes, which results in buying items twice and experiencing frustration from the extra costs.

You don’t have to lift a finger when you work with us. We guide you through the initial design decisions and then we fully execute the design for you, down to the light bulbs and candles. Of course, we are happy to incorporate pieces you already own into your design as much as we can, provided they work in the space. If you prefer to do your own purchasing, we may not be the right designer for you.

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