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What do you charge?

We charge a flat fee that will be determined by the scope of the project. We will determine that fee once we meet and discuss your goals and needs from start to finish. Paint consultations, interior or exterior, are $250. 

When do you start billing?

We like to start with a complimentary initial phone conversation, email or introductory meeting to help us evaluate your project needs, budget, and timeline.  We will determine the fee for the project with that meeting and collect a retainer and a signed Letter of Agreement once you are ready to move forward. We will then schedule our first consultation, which typically begins with a site visit that includes a general evaluation of the space, measurements, showroom visits, or whatever your specific scope requires.

FAQ Nuance Interior Design

Can you start right away?

Our goal is to fit you in as soon as possible as well as give your project the attention it deserves. We may have a brief waitlist.

Can we do the project in phases, one room at a time?

Yes! We use two approaches for phasing: one is to do the design work for all intended projects and phase the construction/renovation portion or the other option is to phase the design work as well as the construction work. We prefer to provide a complete design plan on the front end for consistency but we can do either way.

Where do you shop?

Our project products come from a variety of sources. The Design Center in Seattle and surrounding shops are a great resource to designers. We also use trade-only vendors, local showrooms, and retail locations, as well as online and catalog retailers. We also work with local custom upholstery and drapery workrooms as well. If our clients have sources that they prefer to work with, we are happy to utilize those as well.

FAQ Nuance Interior Design

Can I buy everything myself?

We recommend that the designer and contractor purchase all construction related items to ensure there are no warranty issues and that the correct items are ordered. We purchase all furniture, decor and art items as part of our service. Our clients much prefer our streamlined process of consolidating the deliveries into groups at our local warehouse for inspection and white glove delivery. Nuance will manage delivery, warehousing, and installation so the correct pieces are inspected and placed in the correct locations. You will not need to purchase any of our selections yourself.

I’m building a new home where do I start?

It’s best to start with a team comprised of an architect, interior designer, and contractor to capture your vision and design the space to meet your needs, aesthetics and budget. Our staff has the skills and professional education to collaborate with an architect and contractor on space plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans so that your wishlist becomes a reality. We also select all the necessary interior finishes, cabinetry, appliances, lighting, plumbing, etc. so you have a professional liaison with the architect (that focuses on the outside) and the contractor (that builds and prepares the budget). 

I’m remodeling but I’m not sure if I need an architect or an interior designer

In a remodel, if you are moving walls, electrical, plumbing or adding on, or need a permit, an architect and/or structural engineer will need to be part of our team as well. An architect will provide will utilize the conceptual design drawings you create with Nuance Interior Design to calculate square footage additions, structural load bearing beam information, and provide drawings required by local building departments to meet code and safety regulations and inspections.

I want to redesign my home but don’t have the time – should I still hire an interior designer?

Absolutely! This is one of the best reasons to hire an interior designer: because you want a professional that can be efficient with the small windows of time (or interest) you have to dedicate to this undertaking, as well as can understand your style, and has the network or trade professionals to make your vision a reality. Nuance Interior Design & Blinds manages the selections, ordering, and oversees the deliveries so you can focus on your priorities elsewhere. We even bring showroom samples, material samples, and customized catalogs to your home or office so you don’t have to deal with more Seattle traffic. We want to make the redesign and refurnishing of your space as enjoyable as possible.

I don’t know if I have a “design style” or what it is called if I do – can an interior designer still help me?

Often our clients are a combination of a couple different styles and no two projects are alike so we are adept at representing clients’ taste in their unique project. We have over 15 years’ experience figuring out which textures, colors, shapes, and moods speak to you. We believe that the space should reflect your desired preferences, needs, and feel and so we use our specialized resources to discern how best for the design to meet those goals.

What is best to prepare for my initial consultation with an interior designer?

Before we start making recommendations and selections, we need to know what you are planning to invest in your project. We can then advise which aspects will give you the best return on investment, resale value, and enjoyment, but we need an amount we can divide up and assign to various parts. We can prepare a budget breakdown for your approval and guide you where you can allocate more or less of your funds for an excellent end result. Disclosing your budget saves the frustration that comes from having to pay design fees multiple times if we go over guessing your budget. We want to research beautiful solutions that fit your budget the first time and correctly allocate funds for interior finishes, labor, furnishings, etc.

Preparation for the design portion is not required but does help us more quickly understand your goals, preferences, and style if we have some visual prompts like photos from Houzz, Pinterest, magazines, etc. We can get a jump start if we can see something that inspires you or shows the functionality you want. The more specific the images, the better we are able to distinguish the elements that will make your project exceptional and personal.

We look forward to creating something with all the nuances tailored to you and your lifestyle!

I’m excited to start creating my personalized space with Nuance Interior Design & Blinds, what do I do next?

We are just as excited to work with you! We love helping our clients feel like their spaces are their sanctuary and a reflection of their interests, travels, and experiences. The next step is simply to contact us via phone (425.247.8089), email (sarah@nuanceinteriors.com), or our website contact form. We’ll get you scheduled for an initial complimentary phone call or initial consultation for a walk-through. We look forward to partnering with you to create a space you enjoy sharing with friends and family.

FAQ Nuance Interior Design