Nuance Showroom Window Treatments Plant Trees for a Greener World

Nuance Showroom Window Treatments Plant Trees for a Greener World

Shades of Green Program

Starting in 2023, Nuance Interior Design Showroom, in partnership with U.S. Forest Service, will plant a tree with every window treatment order.

Our goal is to support efforts to grow and nurture resilient forests for tomorrow, so future generations can enjoy these forested ecosystems.

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Why is it important to plant trees?

Healthy forests offer broad benefits from endless recreational opportunities to diverse wildlife habitat. They fulfill our most basic human needs such as food, clean air and water, and wood to build and heat our homes. However, since the 1990s, the U.S. has experienced records for drought, extreme temperatures, flooding, catastrophic wildfire, wind events, and insect and disease outbreaks leading to increased forest disturbance events.

The U.S. Forest Service strategically plants trees in areas of the national forest system that have been most affected by these disturbances. Without intervention, these locations may struggle to regenerate naturally or take decades to recover. For instance, intense wildfires can eradicate the seed sources needed for natural reforestation. By supporting these tree planting efforts, we ensure the establishment of new seedlings that will grow into thriving forests.

Trees planted from your order become part of the national forest system and provide many benefits for the American public including:

  • Carbon Capture: Trees are nature’s champions when it comes to capturing and storing carbon dioxide, helping combat climate change.
  • Clean Air and Water: Forests act as natural filters, purifying the air we breathe and safeguarding the quality of our water sources.
  • Wildlife & Biodiversity: Thriving forests provide crucial habitats for diverse wildlife species, supporting biodiversity and ecosystem health.
  • Future Forest Products: Your contribution helps sustain the availability of essential forest products for generations to come.
  • Recreation and Scenic Beauty: Forests offer countless opportunities for outdoor recreation, from hiking and camping to enjoying the scenic beauty of nature.
  • Sustained Way of Life and Cultural Traditions: Forests hold immense cultural and historical value, supporting sustainable livelihoods and preserving cherished traditions.

Do you have a specific national forest where you would like your tree planted?

Once your order is completed, you will receive an email where you can respond with a specific U.S. National Forest where you want your tree to be planted.  We will submit the requested location for you. Please keep in mind that there may not be a reforestation need there immediately. If there is no tree planting need for the selected forest, the donation may be used for tree planting on another forest.

Nuance Interior Design Showroom is proud to support green efforts and donate a tree for every custom window treatment order. Together we can make a difference for future generations.

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